Gubkin Andrey Fedorovich

PhD (Physics and Mathematics)

Head of лабораторией, senior researcher (Laboratory of Neutron Diffraction ) (Department of Magnetic Measurements, The Shared Equipment Center “Testing Center of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials”)

Contact information:
Phone.: 378-35-59

Scientometric data (as of 15.03.2018):
Web of Science: h-index - 7; Sum of the Times Cited - 121
SCIENCE INDEX: h-index - 7; Sum of the Times Cited - 151
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1) Peculiar magnetocaloric properties and critical behavior in antiferromagnetic Tb3Ni with complex magnetic structure
A. Herrero, A. Oleaga, A.F. Gubkin, A. Salazar, N.V. Baranov
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, V.808, №. , p.151720(8 pages) 2019

2) Comprehensive study of the magnetic phase transitions in Tb3Co combining thermal, magnetic and neutron diffraction measurements
A. Herrero, A. Oleagaa, A.F. Gubkin, M.D. Frontzek, A. Salazar, N.V. Baranov
Intermetallics, V.111, №. , p.106519(8 pages) 2019

3) Dimerization and low-dimensional magnetism in nanocrystalline TiO2 semiconductors doped by Fe and Co
A Yermakov, D Boukhvalov, M Uimin, V Mesilov, A Minin, V Galakhov, A Korolyov, A Volegov, E Rosenfeld, A Gubkin, L Molochnikov
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, V.1389, №. , p.12026(7 pages) 2019


1) Исследование несоизмеримой магнитной структуры Ho7Rh3 с использованием формализма групп магнитной суперсимметрии
А.А.Ваулин, Н.В.Баранов, Т.Тсутаока, А.Ф.Губкин
Talk report on conference (XX Юбилейная Всеросс. школа-семинар по проблемам физики конденсированного состояния вещества (СПФКС-20)) 2019

2) Field-induced magnetic phase transitions and metastable states in Tb3Ni
A.F.Gubkin, L.S.Wu, S.E.Nikitin, A.V.Suslov, A.Podlesnyak, O.Prokhnenko, K.Prokes, F.Yokaichiya, L.Keller, H.E.Fischer, N.V.Baranov
Talk report on conference (VII Euro-Asian Symp. «Trends in MAGnetism» (EASTMAG-2019)) 2019

3) Comparative study of magnetic properties of non-stoichiometric TbCo2Mnx and TbCo2Nix alloys
P.B.Terentev, N.V.Mushnikov, E.G.Gerasimov, V.S.Gaviko, A.F.Gubkin, A.A.Inishev
Poster report on conference (VII Euro-Asian Symp. «Trends in MAGnetism» (EASTMAG-2019)) 2019