Magnetoacoustic Polarization Phenomena in Solids

Авторы: V.V. Gudkov, J.D. Gavenda
Информация о издательстве: New York: Springer-Verlag, 2000. – 218 pp.,ISBN 0-387-95023-0

This book had its conception when Dr. Gudkov visited me in Austin in the Fall of 1995 and urged me to join him in writing a review of the field of magnetoacoustic polarization phenomena. I protested that, although my students and I had done some early work on this topic, most of the later work was done by researchers at the Institute for Metal Physics and by other investigators in the former Soviet Union. He eventually persuaded me that my initial contribution and general experience with magnetoacoustic phenomena qualified me to serve as a co-author. When I considered the fact that the extensive exploration of magnetoacoustic phenomena in the former Soviet Union was relatively unknown to Western scientists, I agreed to work with him on this project. 

In order to make the material more accessible to nonspecialists, we have adopted consistent notation throughout the text and redrawn the figures from published papers in a consistent fashion.