Технология газофазного синтеза нанопорошков и металл-углеродных нанокомпозитов
Лаборатория прикладного магнетизма
ЯМР спектроскопия
Лаборатория кинетических явлений
Технология вакуумной индукционной плавки
Лаборатория прецизионных сплавов и интерметаллидов
Магнетронная технология приготовления многослойных магнитных наноматериалов
Лаборатория квантовой наноспинтроники
Установка для получения жидкого гелия
Отдел криогенных технологий
Технология операций литографии планарных микрообъектов
Лаборатория квантовой наноспинтроники

The Institute of Metal Physics named after M.N. Miheev Institute of Metal Physics of Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (IMP UB RAS) is the largest academic institute in the Urals Federal District and Russia’s flagship in such research fields of physics as magneticordered material physics, metal and semiconductor nanostructures, physical metallurgy, nondestructive physical control methods, radiation solid state physics, the theory of strongly correlated electron systems.

The Institute is a co-founder of journals of the Russian Academy of Sciences such as "Metal Physics and Metallography" and "Defectoscopy".

IMP jointly with the Ural Federal University named after B.N. Yeltsin (UrFU) created a scientific and educational center "The Higher Academic School of Metal Physics UrFU-IMP UB RAS".

The Institute of Metal Physics has all necessary equipment to produce objects of investigation, expose materials and products to extreme impacts and explore their physical properties. For efficient use of the unique equipment, IMP built a Shared Equipment Center "Testing Center of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials".