Corresponding member of the RAS Goshchitsky Boris Nikolaevich

Goshchitsky Boris Nikolaevich is an experimental physicist working in neutron research of material and in the field of radiation solid state physics. He is known not only in our country but throughout the world as being one of the founders and heads of the Neutron Materials Research Center equipped by the atomic IVV-2M reactor. B.N. Goshchitsky is an Associate Member of RAS (2000), has a Doctor of Sciences degree in Physics and Mathematics (1982), Professor (1988). He has been engaged in studying disordered and strongly correlated systems and investigating radiation effects in metals, alloys and compounds. He has been the first to create a new trend to research the fundamental properties of solids, namely, the formation of structural states with unusual physical properties, thermodynamically nonequilibrium but stable over time by means of the radiation-disordering method. The peculiarity of such structural states is that their properties were previously hard to attain in traditional ways. Together with his colleagues, he has discovered and explored the states in various classes of oxide magnetic materials and superconducting intermetallides (ferrites and chromite spinels, iron-garnets, A-15, C-15, B-1 structures, Chevrel phases, etc.). He has found a completely new physical phenomenon, a universal dependence of the temperature of the second-order phase transition on the concentration of a new disordered phase. B.N. Goshchitsky has offered a unique physically “pure” method to study electron states in crystals, radiation disordering without changing the stoichiometric composition and macrohomogeneity of samples. Later, the technique has been put into practice of scientific research. This has prioritized domestic science in this area of knowledge.

In his works, B.N. Goshchitsky has outlined the main causes of radiation changes in the physical properties, which are important for the new special technique of functional and constructural materials, revealed specific features of the radiation-induced amorphous state in metals and alloys, and opened up the possibility in principle to predict their behavior under the influence of fast neutrons. The results of these studies are used in the development of new functional materials.

B.N. Goshchitsky was born on February 2, 1931 in Kyiv. In 1955 he graduated from the Ural Polytechnic Institute. From 1955 to 1965 he worked at an enterprise, post office box № 318 of the USSR Ministry of Medium Machine-Building Industry (USSR MMMBI), where he studied processes of isotope separation by the gaseous diffusion method. The results of these researches served as a basis of his candidate thesis in 1961. Since 1965 he has worked at the Institute of Metal Physics of UB RAS. Currently, B.N. Goshchitsky is a Chief Research Scientist, a Research Head of Department, a RAS adviser. In 1992, he was given the title of “Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation”. In 2002, B.N. Goshchitsky became a laureate of the A.G. Stoletov Prize of RAS. To date, he is executing duties of the Chairperson of the Scientific Council of RAS “Radiation Physics of Solids” and is an author of 260 scientific publications, including 2 monographs. Among his students there are 15 Cand.Sc. and 4 Dr.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics.