Nosov Aleksandr Pavlovich

Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics)

Deputy director, head of laboratory, coordinator of the scientific and educational components of the SEC from the IPM UB RAS

Contact information:
Phone.: 374-79-22

Scientometric data (as of 15.03.2018):
Web of Science: h-index - 11; Sum of the Times Cited - 340
SCIENCE INDEX: h-index - 11; Sum of the Times Cited - 413
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3) Peculiarities of magneto-infrared reflectivity of nanostructured manganite films [Текст] / V. Bessonova, A. Telegin, A. Nosov, Yu. Sukhorukov, E. Ganshina // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. — 2019. — V. 1389. — P. 12111 (6 pages)


1) Y.Togawa, Anomalous temperature behavior of the chiral spin helix in CrNb3S6 thin lamellae [Текст] / Y.Togawa, J.Kishine, P.A.Nosov, T.Koyama, G.W.Paterson, S.McVitie, Y.Kousaka, J.Akimitsu, M.Ogata, A.S.Ovchinnikov // VII Euro-Asian Symp. «Trends in MAGnetism» (EASTMAG-2019), 8-13 сентября, 2019 /

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