Zatsepin Dmitriy Anatol'yevich

PhD (Physics and Mathematics)

Senior researcher (X-ray Spectroscopy Laboratory)

Scientometric data (as of 15.03.2018):
Web of Science: h-index - 12; Sum of the Times Cited - 571
SCIENCE INDEX: h-index - 13; Sum of the Times Cited - 680
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1) Energy band gaps and excited states in Si QD/SiO x /R y O z (R = Si, Al, Zr) suboxide superlattices [Текст] / A.F. Zatsepin, E.A. Buntov, D.A. Zatsepin, E.Z. Kurmaev, V.A. Pustovarov, A.V. Ershov, N.W. Johnson, A. Moewes // Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. — 2019. — V. 31. — P. 415301 (9 pages)

2) Local atomic configurations, energy structure, and optical properties of implantation defects in Gd-doped silica glass: An XPS, PL, and DFT study [Текст] / Zatsepin A.F., Zatsepin D.A., Boukhvalov D.W., Kuznetsova Y.A., Gavrilov N.V., Shur V.Y., Esin A.A. // Journal of Alloys and Compounds. — 2019. — V. 796. — P. 77 (9 pages)

3) Bulk In2O3 crystals grown by chemical vapour transport: a combination of XPS and DFT studies [Текст] / Zatsepin D.A., Boukhvalov D.W., Zatsepin A.F., Vines L., Gogova D., Shur V.Y., Esin A.A. // Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics. — 2019. — V. 30. — P. 18753 (6 pages)


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