Major research activities

IMP’s major research activities are:

  1. Electronic structure, electron-electron interactions and physical properties of transition, rare-earth, and actinide metals, their alloys, and compounds, and low-dimensional semiconductor systems.
  2. Magnetic structures, the spin transport and methods of directional modification of the physical properties of functional magnetic materials based on metallic and semiconductor heterostructures, intermetallics, and metal compounds in the crystalline, nanostructural, and amorphous states.
  3. Physical principles of diagnostics of complex systems consisting of metallic materials and their products by means of electromagnetic and acoustic fields to provide technology-related and environmental safety.
  4. Dislocation structures, phase transitions and physico-mechanical properties of steels and alloys of non-ferrous and precious metals, intermetallic compounds, and composites; development of advanced structural materials and their treatment methods for the needs of engineering and medicine.
  5. Atomic structural transformations, nonlinear phenomena,and non-equilibrium processes in condensed matters under intense radiation, thermal, deformation, and shock impacts.