Administrative-management divisions

    Director: Mushnikov Nikolay Varfolomeevich
Personnel Department
    Head of Department : Titova Olga Aleksandrovna
Scientific and legal department
    Head of Department : Zaytseva Svetlana Vladimirovna
Accounting Department
    Head of Department : Okon' Liliya Gennad'yevna
Service Contract
    Head of Department : Kurasheva Ol'ga L'vovna
Department of Fixed Assets
    Head of Department : Kurasheva Ol'ga L'vovna
Department of Occupational Health and Safety
    Head of Department : Smirnova Elena Sergeevna
Department of security and technical protection of information
    Head of Department : Moskvichev Aleksey Vladimirovich
First Department
    Head of Department : CHadaeva Antonida Vladimirovna
General Department
    Head of Department : Turova Elena Semyonovna
Research and Archives Department
    Head of Department : Spirina Vera Pavlovna
Social Security
Department of Economic Planning for Research Works
    Head of Department : Lapshina Natal'ya Aleksandrovna
Department of Scientific and Technical Planning for Procurement of Goods and Services
    Head of Department : Levin Vitaliy Viktorovich
Innovation and Marketing Department
    Head of Department : Zakharova Victoria Vladimirovna