В.А. Зайкова, И.Е. Старцева, Б.Н. Филиппов
М.: Наука, 1992. – 272 с.

В монографии изложены результаты экспериментальных и теоретических исследований статических свойств и динамической перестройки доменных структур в железокремнистых электротехнических сталях. Приведены данные о влиянии на них материальных и геометрических факторов, внешних переменных и статических магнитных полей, внешних напряжений и температуры. Описаны процессы стабилизации доменных структур и известные способы ее дестабилизации. Прослежено влияние квазистатического и динамического поведения доменных структур на важнейшие магнитные свойства электротехнических сталей.

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S.V. Vonsovsky, Yu.A. Izyumov, E.Z. Kurmaev
Berlin-Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 1982. – 512 pp.

This book should fill a gap which has existed in the literature on superconductivity. There have been a number of excellent textbooks available on the phenomenon of superconductivity, which describe in detail the variety of effects connected with it and the mathematical techniques to deal with them properly. However, until now there has not been a textbook available in English which concentrates on the material aspects of superconductivity.

S.V. Vonsovsky, V.I. Katsnelson
Berlin-Heidelberg-New York: Springer-Verlag, 1989. – 505 pp.

The quantum theory of solids occupies a peculiar and important place in the general structure of modern theoretical physics. There are currently no grounds for questioning the statement that all properties of solids can, in principle, be accounted for on the basis of firmly established principles of quantum and statistical mechanics.

Yu.A. Izyumov, M.V. Medvedev
New York: Consultants Bureau, 1973. – 168 pp.

The magnetic properties of alloys have been exploited in many technical applications for a long time. They have been the subject of numerous experimental investigations. However, deep theoretical studies of the magnetic properties of alloys commenced relatively recently because of considerable mathematical difficulties, some of which have not yet been overcome.

H. Bikkin, I. Lyapilin
Berlin-Boston: Walter de Gruyter GmbH, 2014.

The book offered to the reader’s attention is largely based on lectures that the authors have been delivering for many years at the Physics Department of the Urals State University and the Physical Engineering Department of the Urals State Technical University.

S.V. Vonsovsky, B.V. Karpenko
Berlin-Heidelberg-New York: Springer-Verlag, 1968. – 388 pp.

In Stoffen, die aus Atomen oder Ionen der Ubergangselemente (mit nicht abgeschlossenen inneren d- oder f-Elektronenschalen, die in Ubereinstimmung mitder Hundschen Regel [1] nichtkompensierte Spin- und Bahnmomente besitzen) aufgebaut sind, konnen unter bestimmten Bedingungen magnetisch geordnete Atomzustande vom Typ des Ferro- oder Antiferromagnetismus auftreten. Diese Zustande beobachtet man im Temperaturintervall von 0°K bis zu einer bestimmten kritischen Temperatur, der Curie-Temperatur 0C (bei Ferromagnetika) oder der Neel-Temperatur 0n (bei Antiferro- oder Ferrimagnetika).

A. Rinkevich,Ya. Smorodinsky, K. Vlasov
Germany: Fraunhofer-Institut fur Zerstorungsfreie Prufverfahren Universitat, 2000. – 81 pp.

The internal conical refraction effect lies in the deviation of energy flow direction of elastic wave despite the wave propagates along the acoustic axis. The complete review is presented of the theory including the energy flow of the beams. The effect of electric and magnetic fields is discussed. The calculation methods of elastic field polarization are reduced under the conical refraction condition. The methods of the experimental investigation are shown.

I.G. Brodova, P.S. Popel, G.I. Eskin
London-New York: Taylor & Francis, 2002. – 269 pp.

The overwhelming majority of technological processes for producing metallic alloys involve the conversion of initial materials into the molten condition and the subsequent solidification of the system at various, sometimes very high, cooling rates. In an attempt to improve the structure and service properties of ingots, castings and deformed semifinished products, process engineers have paid considerable attention to the search for optimal solidification conditions. The regimes of heat and mechanical treatment of cast metal are progressively improving.

V.V. Gudkov, J.D. Gavenda
New York: Springer-Verlag, 2000. – 218 pp.

This book had its conception when Dr. Gudkov visited me in Austin in the Fall of 1995 and urged me to join him in writing a review of the field of magnetoacoustic polarization phenomena. I protested that, although my students and I had done some early work on this topic, most of the later work was done by researchers at the Institute for Metal Physics and by other investigators in the former Soviet Union. He eventually persuaded me that my initial contribution and general experience with magnetoacoustic phenomena qualified me to serve as a co-author.

Б.А. Гринберг, М.А. Иванов
Екатеринбург: УрО РАН, 2002. – 359 с.

Монография посвящена исследованию структуры и свойств интерметаллидов начиная с широко известного сплава Ni3Al, составляющего основу современных суперсплавов. Особое внимание обращено на деформационное поведение интерметаллида TiAl, при исследовании которого авторами получены приоритетные результаты. На основе анализа обширной экспериментальной информации сделана попытка составить исчерпывающую в настоящий момент и целостную картину явлений, связанных с деформационным поведением интерметаллидов.

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